Our Kung Fu school is located between DengFeng (city) and the Shaolin temple, both are about 15 mins away. We are a small school with approximately 250 students. The school is run by Master Hu, who is an Shaolin Kung Fu expert. He has trained in the Shaolin Temple for several years under master Zhang Guangjun, and most importantly under famous folk master Yang Guiwu. Master Hu choses to have international students to help spread the traditional Kung Fu style and wisdom around the world. As result many students from all around the world come to train our school. Today, various students from Master Hu have started an affiliated Kung Fu school abroad and many international students come back every year (mostly during summer).

Shaolin Kung Fu training in China
Teachers and disciples of our school

Masters Hu’s family helps run the school, and the team includes several employees, such as kitchen staff and cleaners. We have a little shop in the school where you can buy small items, such as drinks and snacks, shoes and a training outfits. For others items you can go to Dengfeng to various supermarkets and equipment stores. International students share a dorm room (men and women are separated). And have their own floor including bathroom and living room. The Social Media- and English email accounts from the school are managed by close students from Master Hu – Joel  (Swiss) and Nicole (USA), who will also be your first point of contact when applying. We regularly post videos, news and updates on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, so make sure you 're connected with us on those channels. Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. We are looking forward to help you with your first steps on your Kung Fu journal!