Master of Xinyiba and Shaolin Kung Fu

"I wish for my students to become the best martial artists and most fierce fighters, but in everyday life, they shall be the kindest people, with the most humble of hearts"

- Hu Zhengsheng

Master Hu Zhengsheng started his traditional Kungfu training at the age of 12. He first began studying under Zhang Guangjun, in the Shaolin temple. He learned many forms and fighting skills including Xin Yi Liu He Quan, cane, Chun Qiu Da Dao (Spring & Autumn Da Dao), twin sickles, rope dart, monk spade, hook swords and many more.

Hu Zhengsheng took care of master Zhang Guangjun in his old age, helping him eat, clean and dress himself. After training under him for 7 years in the Shaolin temple,  Zhang Guangjun became too old, and was soon going to die; he told Hu Zhengsheng to go and seek a grandmaster of traditional Shaolin Kungfu in San Bei village, named Yang Guiwu.


After Hu Zhengsheng was accepted by Yang Guiwu as a disciple, he continued his traditional Shaolin Kungfu training under him for a further 15 years. Under Yang Guiwu, Hu Zhengsheng learned more traditional Shaolin Taolu, Shaolin Qin Na, combat and self-defense techniques and most importantly, the most secret of all Shaolin arts: Xin Yi Ba. After Yang Guiwu became too old and weak to teach new students, Yang Guiwu passed on his 500 year old Shaolin Kungfu manuscripts to Hu Zhengsheng, telling him that it was now his turn to pass down authentic Shaolin Kungfu to the future generations of martial arts disciples. 

Shaolin master Zhang Guangjun

In his efforts to research and develop his heritage, master Hu is constantly searching for old teachers, especially in small villages surrounding the Shaolin area. He joined conferences of Chinese Medicine in order to confirm, and share the knowledge held in the ancient manuscripts he inherited. He has an incredible passion for martial arts, and hopes to be able to share as much as possible with the world. This happens mainly via his academy, called "Shaolin Temple Traditional Wushu Institute" - an affiliate to his Xinyiba Research Society. He enjoys teaching, and feels honored to have students coming from the other side of the world!

Xinyiba Lineage photos



Hu Zhengsheng and his master, Yang Guiwu

Hu Zhengsheng has been learning from Yang Guiwu for at least 15 years, when grandmaster Yang sadly passed away in 2010. He was inheritant of a rich and documented lineage, which had been in the Shaolin Temple for 400 years. Find out more about the Xinyiba Lineage here.






Master Hu with Xu Wudao

Xu Wudao is one of the last masters of the Shaolin Temple southern courtyard . They have known each other for several years and had many interesting exchanges since they first met. They can be seen interacting in the Gong Fu Shaolin documentary.







Teaching Shaolin Da Hongquan

Chinese students practicing Da Hongquan under master Hu's watchful eye.









Practicing with Liu Cunliang

Liu Cunliang was one of the last living disciples of the legendary Shi Degen, and also a practitioner of Xinyiba. Until his passing in spring of 2015, he spent much time practicing with master Hu in his school, and teaching the younger students.