by international students at our Kung Fu School in China


I have trained in Chinese martial arts for more than twenty years; studying with Master Hu Zheng Sheng was a pivotal experience in my martial arts career. His knowledge of internal and external mindfulness in movement, and martial zen is beyond any I have encountered. He is passionate about unlocking the potential within every practitioner who is willing to do the work. Hu Zheng Sheng revitalized the practice of ancient Xin Yi Ba; bringing it into the modern era.

JunHong Quan, USA


Shaolin training in China
Jeff (Junhong Quan) practicing in China - Shaolin Xinyiba
Bart Kung Fu - Xinyiba
Bart at our school in China - Shaolin Xinyiba


Amazing people, lovely atmosphere, great knowledge. To learn more about the Shaolin Martial Arts, the Shaolin Traditional Wushu Institute is simply wonderful. I have gained and brought home so much good stuff because of my time there.

Bart Biermasz, NL



I have been learning from master Hu for quite a few years, and all together have spent 2-3 years full time at his school, after having visited many other martial arts academies across China. I can safely say that he is certainly one of the best, if not the best source of traditional Shaolin knowledge for this generation. Thanks to his deep understanding of fighting, body mechanics, the mind, etc. and to his comprehensive teaching method I have improved my skills more in a few months under his tutelage, than in all the years I'd practiced martial arts before meeting him.

Joël Achermann, CH


Training shaolin kung fu in china
Joel with a student at our school - Xinyiba
Cid Kung Fu in China
Cid Belo at our school


Thousands of kilometers from my country, I felt at home while I stayed in this astonishing institute. Everyone is super welcoming, very friendly, always willing to provide you with anything you may need.

Concerning martial arts, the institute respects every letter of the phrase “kung fu Shaolin”. Traditional to its core, it provides you with tons of knowledge, taught by amazing instructors, well acquainted to the Way of life that they preach. For one who desires to keep kung fu Shaolin as a Way of life, this institute dives you into a state where the more you think and practice, the more personal and deep kung fu gets. You feel the Chi flowing all over this marvelous institute, led by the amazing Master Hu Zhengsheng, a man gifted with profound knowledge of Kung Fu Shaoling, traditional and respectful preacher of its teachings.

I adamantly urge any martial artist willing to train traditional kung fu Shaolin, to stay in this institute. The training is strong, complete, and for that, very good and positive.

Cid Belo,


When most people think of Kung Fu training in China, they think of Kung Fu films, running up mountains carrying buckets of water, 16 hours training a day, sleeping on the floor and eating only one bowel of rice a day. Within a short space of time are a Kung Fu Master, have super powers and are an enlightened monk. You won’t get that at Master Hu’s school. What you’ll get is traditional Shaolin Kung Fu with a documented traceable lineage, a super friendly atmosphere, good food and at an affordable price so returning again and again is financially possibility. Rather than doing essentially a course in Kung Fu with a certificate at the end, you get introduced to Kung Fu as life long journey. Something you’ll be able to carry with you and develop over years and years. Regardless of previous experience, you’ll find Master Hu’s school approachable, relaxed, friendly and most importantly you’ll be surrounded by Kung Fu.

Doug Swift Loves Kung Fu, UK


Doug Swift training in China
Doug Swift (first on the right) with master Hu and other guests and students


It‘s an amazing place ! The school is in the middle of mountains and not far away from the schaolin temple. It is silent and peaceful, but it's not the area that makes it such a special place: it is the spirit of the people. The students, the teachers, the Shifu, all of them were filling this place with a kind of life you will not find easily elsewhere. The everyday life is hard, and it will be different from what you expect: it will not be like the fairy tales you have heard about the „mysterious“ shaolin temple, and the people are down to earth, not „supernatural“ like the shaolin monks in legends. But if you are open-minded it will be even better than that!

Matthias Frolik from Austria

Shaolin Kung Fu in china
Matthias training at our school - Shaolin Xinyiba


Out of all of the numerous kung fu schools that I could have gone to, I had decided to come to Master Hu's school purely by chance. I had seen him on a video on YouTube and was completely captivated by his aura and from that point on decided I had to meet him in person and learn the kung fu he both mastered and taught. I was a 19 year old girl about to attend a kung fu school for two months on my own in the middle of China, a country I had never been to before and I had no prior experience and hardly any knowledge of kung fu. But despite all of this, here I met more fascinating people, learned more about life and experienced more in those two months than I had ever before in my life.

The moment I arrived at the school I was immediately looked after by a huge kung fu family. The students, teachers and staff were all so kind and friendly, and made me feel like I was right back at home on the other side of the world. I realized what an incredible honour it was to meet Master Hu Zheng Sheng; a wonderful man and Master of Xinyiba with an insatiable desire to spread his extensive Xinyiba knowledge all over the world, and who so appreciated the fact that international students from all corners of the globe would come all the way to his school in Dengfeng,China to learn kung fu. The training was amazing, and I had lots of opportunities to socialize every day, so that by the end of my two month stay my kung fu, my Chinese and not to mention my confidence improved drastically.

I still regularly keep in contact with my Chinese and international friends from the school, and have already been back once and plan to return on a frequent basis. This experience has allowed me to grow so much as a person and has actually changed my life and my way of thinking. I constantly remind myself of how fortunate I am to have had this incredible life changing experience at this one-of-a-kind school.

Tasia Maczaj, USA

Learn Shaolin Kung Fu In china
Tasia practicing kicks in our school's training area
Learn Shaolin Kung Fu In china
Tasia visiting our school in december

The Perfect Shaolin Kung Fu Experience

I had little Kung Fu experience before I decided to travel to China to join a Kung Fu school and I couldn’t have asked for a better school than this one from Master Hu. The school, teachers, the family, and Master Hu are all so kind. It makes the stay very unique. I had private lessons from Tyson (Master Hu's closest student) and sometimes I trained together with other international students and other times with Chinese students.
I also happened to be in China during the one-month winter holiday break. Master Hu told me it would be very lonely for me because the school would be closed and there would be nowhere there. Since all students go back home to their family somewhere in China. Eventually, it was my best time at the school. The family took me on weekly outings, cooked traditional Chinese food for me and always checked in on me. Master Hu trained me every day and checked my progress. I hadn’t felt lonely for a single day and couldn't have asked for more.
The training is very different from what I expected, but if you let go of your pre-assumptions about Kung Fu schools in China it’s magical.

If you are not sure which school to choose, pick this one.

Lennart Willem van Breugel (The Netherlands)

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