The Medicine of master Zhu Tianxi

In the past, advanced Shaolin practitioners often had great knowledge of medicine and of anatomy. They could not only inflict damage, but heal as well.

Master Yang Guiwu himself, coming from a family of apothecaries and doctors, was an expert doctor of traditional Shaolin medicine. In this spirit, we are teaming up with medicine experts of our lineage to share this medicine with the world. Master Zhu, who was a disciple of Shi Degen, made such good medicine that the Shaolin Temple itself gave it their brand, and sells it as their own.

He and his disciples now run a small production factory in Zhengzhou, close to their school and a few hours away from the Shaolin Temple. They have the highest standards in hygiene and are known to produce efficient medicine. They are particularly well known for their patches and ointments against joint pains (external medicine).

Zhu Tianxi
Skin colour 10x12cm
patch for injury
Round Patch
healing massage oil

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