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Train Shaolin Kung Fu in China
Training Shaolin Kung Fu in China

Dates for the upcoming retreats and seminars.



  • Summer (intense!) training camp in the Shaolin Temple Traditional Wushu Institute in China: June 25 - August 26, 2017.  Price: 4000 RMB / Month
  • Shaolin Wugulun lineage Gongfa (Skill methods) for Xiao Hong Quan, Nature retreat, Lithuania, September 09 - September 12, 2017. Price: 300 Euros (75/day)


  • Luohan Cha Hua 18 Hands, Xinyiba Principles Seminar, Germany: 8-9 September 2018, hosted at the Weng Chun Headquarter in Bamberg
  • Xinyiba Neigong Seminar, Netherlands: 15-16 September 2018  Hosted at the Seity School
  • Luohan Cha Hua 18 Hands, Xinyiba Principles & Gongfa Seminar, Malaysia: 13-14 October 2018 hosted by Enso Martial Arts Shop.


Please note that the dates may be subject to change.

Which teacher would you like to host?

Master Hu

Master Hu


Event duration: 2 days - 1 week.


Area of expertise: Traditional Shaolin boxing, Gongfa, Xinyiba, Combat, Neigong, Weapons, etc.


Master Hu is willing to share his knowledge abroad, but only in the frame of short events, since he is still running a school back in China. His english skills are limited, but he is of a very communicative nature, and his enthusiasm is very contagious. Students learn a lot even when just watching him practice.

It is advised to have one of his students come over for translating, or to hire or invite a Chinese speaker to translate for him.


Teacher Yang Xinhui


Event duration: 2 days - 6 months


Area of expertise: Traditional Shaolin boxing, Gongfa, Xinyiba


Yang Xinhui has been one of master Hu's closest disciples for more than a decade. He speaks english, and is highly appreciated by western students for his high level of Gongfu, fighting abilities, and his sense of humor. He enjoys teaching abroad, and if the conditions are decent, he'd be happy to come to your school and teach / assist teaching, for up to several months at a time.


Teacher Zhang Dongchen


Event duration: 2 days - 1 month


Area of expertise: Traditional Shaolin boxing, Weapons mastery


Zhang Dongchen studied with master Hu for many years, and is a very bright and cheerful teacher. He had learned basic Xinyiba skills early on, but later made the practice of weapons his specialty. He knows basic english and is willing to teach abroad.


Teacher Li Xiang


Event duration: 2 days - 1 month


Area of expertise: Traditional Shaolin boxing, Combat, Sanda, Thai boxing


Li Xiang is highly appreciated by his students. He won Sanda competitions, and is a skilled fighter, but he has a kind heart and can often be seen taking care of animals. He trained in master Hu's school for nearly a decade. The first few years, he built up skill through traditional Gongfu, and after that he turned towards Sanda. He also has experience in Thai boxing, and knows how to effectively use the advantages of each style.

Would you like to host a seminar, retreat, or other activity with master Hu or one of his disciples?

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