Hosting or joining Seminars and retreats

Dates, Locations, Subjects.

Dates for the upcoming retreats and seminars.



  • Summer (intense!) training camp in the Shaolin Temple Traditional Wushu Institute in China: June 25 - August 26, 2017.  Price: 4000 RMB / Month
  • Shaolin Wugulun lineage Gongfa (Skill methods) for Xiao Hong Quan, Nature retreat, Lithuania, September 09 - September 12, 2017. Price: 300 Euros (75/day)


  • Luohan Cha Hua 18 Hands, Xinyiba Principles Seminar, Germany: 8-9 September 2018, hosted at the Weng Chun Headquarter in Bamberg
  • Xinyiba Neigong Seminar, Netherlands: 15-16 September 2018  Hosted at the Seity School
  • Luohan Cha Hua 18 Hands, Xinyiba Principles & Gongfa Seminar, Malaysia: 13-14 October 2018 hosted by Enso Martial Arts Shop.

Please note that the dates may be subject to change.

Traditional Shaolin drill

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